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Index Developments LTD, Established in 2010, we are a diverse group of people that foster a culture of excellence. Our greatest strength is delivering flawless level of service to our clients. We are driven by integrity and commitment to global regulatory standards that ensure our ongoing focus on what matters the most with safety and health in the next revolution. We started our operations in one country and today we are working with many countries across the globe offering variety of products and consulting services. We’ve done it by identifying opportunities, suppliers, channels, and customers. We simplified our organization into various segments, each with a clear focus for our customers, communities and business strategy.


Index Developments LTD digitalization group has built a portfolio of consulting and various services that assist multiple industry segments plan, develop and deploy digital ecosystems. Our digital services are built on a foundation of block chain technologies such as IOT – internet of things, AI-artificial intelligence, analytics, etc.


Index Developments LTD has partnerships in place with the leading manufacturers in cement, rice, sugar, waste paper and pharmaceuticals across the middle east, asia pacific and the indian subcontinent. This business unit primarily deals with the development of long term relationships within the markets it trades in and also has warehousing facilities across the various regions. Diverse range of investments, are also seeded in the sector of brand management and distribution. Mainly focused within singapore, cambodia and east africa, where we distribute fmcg products across the region and take on the supply chain of certain products as well as sales and marketing including local ownership.


Index Developments LTD has been mainly focused in investing in “buy to let” properties within Europe and North America and is currently exploring opportunities in East Africa. Expertise in identifying opportunities, undertaking due diligence and seeding investments for scale in the sectors of oil and gas, hospitality, real estate and fmcg.

Index Developments LTD, is built with a purpose of creating meaningful human experiences. We build relationships that will make an lasting impact. As we incorporate emerging technology to re-imagining our strategy, solutions and platforms to provide flawless services to our clients. Our team strives for excellence who influences and thinks outside of the box concepts. Contact us today and be part of our organization into the ever-changing globe.

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