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BlockChain Technology

Our mission is to build smart machines of the future. These smart machines include solving intelligence at its primal level and then applying that intelligence to products and IPs.

Our Blockchain Framework is designed to seamlessly conduct functional and performance testing across several layers of enterprise Blockchain application using a mix of open source tools. It supports multiple testing scenarios starting with the unit testing to integration and system testing & covers the critical aspects of performance testing and monitoring using combination of tools.  It caters to the need of testing ever evolving distributed technologies which are unique in their implementation. The solution includes various testing scenarios like Functional testing, API-testing, performance testing, monitoring and smart contract level testing.

Index Development LTD Blockchain Model

Offers comprehensive suite of services, from strategic advisory, implementation change management, to operational network and software maintenance.

Blockchain technology has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the manner in which private and public enterprises operate today.  Using its core strengths of trust, stability, transparency and privacy, blockchain provides the foundation to the core processes by making transactions fast, accurate and secure.  Blockchain also holds the potential to expand traditional business reach across their value chain and redefine their business models.

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