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Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Index Developments LTD platform is a digital consumption and delivery platform with integration and organize layers that strengthen various technology stacks across a multi-vendor platform. 

  • Optimizing cloud spend and usage.

  • Managing services mapping and dependencies.

  • Extending DevOps processes for traditional IT and cloud natives.


Deployment Services

Cloud Deployment Services provide an orchestration and automation platform with enterprise-ready blueprints helping deliver IT as a service.

  • Fast private and hybrid cloud deployment.

  • Effective monitoring and control.

  • Match specific business needs.

  • Cut demand generation/fulfillment time

Cloud network services

Management network services can help improve agility, lower costs and reduce complexity across your hybrid cloud, data center, and local and wide area networks.

  • Reduce unplanned downtime.

  • Improve global agility.

  • Simplify management and provide higher network capacity at a lower cost.
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