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Testing and Automation Services

Our company offers software product quality assurance and quality control services as part of our larger custom software development package and as an individual post-development solution. Having a dedicated outsourcing partner for software testing services frees up your in-house engineers and cuts down your spendings on training and tools

Our products and platforms, clients access the untapped potential of automation, and leverage it to drive transformation faster and at lower cost. Our product offerings and based models are easy to deploy and designed to accelerate change for businesses by reducing time to value and the cost of operations, so clients can implement the tools they need to build the futures they want.

Our rich portfolio of service offerings provides assurance from Chip-to-Cloud and spans the testing lifecycle encompassing test design, test automation using AI, continuous testing driving in-sprint automation, intelligent reporting, prediction analytics using machine learning and NLP, test data management, test environment management, Dev-Sec-Ops, test support using BOTs and performance assurance.

Reimagining user experiences with software testing

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